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Tate Modern, 10 December 2019


Switching is a live performance and moving image piece, first presented at the Starr Cinema, Tate Modern as part of East London Cable's TV Dinner EO3.  The work addresses the increasingly blurred distinctions between body, image and text in the postdigital landscape. Switching remediates a monologue by Laurie Anderson which she originally performed during Nam June Paik’s 1984 satellite broadcast 'Good Morning Mr. Orwell'. Anderson’s prose centers on a conversation with a stranger from the future and provides an entry point for a transtemporal exchange with a live performer (Fionnuala Kennedy). Greenan's parallel text imagines the digital afterlife of Anderson's mediated image as it circulates the internet, encountering various anomalous entities and migrating across different material supports.  

Images courtesy of Guillaume Valli

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