Aoibheann Greenan combines moving image, live performance, installation, sculpture, costume and sculptural drawing in gesamtkunstwerk that emulate the commodified experiences of contemporary culture. She is fascinated by the strange and ineffable moments that can arise within these settings and how they might point us towards an ‘outside’ beyond the narrow purview of capitalism. Her projects spanning psychedelic tourism, Wagnerian opera, historical reenactment and unboxing videos are imbued with a ritualistic dimension, invoking a curious tendency within popular culture towards altered states of consciousness. She employs sculptural and choreographic means to amplify the affective qualities of familiar platforms and elicit their subliminal mechanisms.  By supplanting the corporate logic with her own fictional narratives, Greenan’s works propose alternate world making possibilities.

Greenan is a cofounder of artist collective East London Cable  

with Sung Tieu, Florence Peake, Dan Marre, Jos Bitelli, Eve Stainton,

Wojciech Kosma and Louis Brown.