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Green Room 

Moving image and live performance work

Episode 1: Sound Seed, featuring singer-songwriter Tracy Sada, Raven Row, April 2019

Intended as an ongoing series, Green Room takes its departure from the green-hued, 1970s-styled rooftop apartment in Raven Row that served as a studio to artist collective East London Cable from 2018- 2021. The apartment acts as a central plot device, drawing disparate people, places and objects together in new constellations. Occupants of this liminal space prepare themselves for a future event that may or may not take place.

Ep 1: Sound Seed was presented at Raven Row in 2019 as part of East London Cable’s TV Dinners E02 and features London-based singer-songwriter Tracy Sada. Upon discovering a sonic beacon inside a public monument Sada is guided to the apartment where she undergoes a physical transformation. The livestreamed event at Raven Row extends the interplay between fiction and reality by manufacturing a continuum between the film and the live event. 

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